Show respect for the driver and follow the driver’s instructions. Client is responsible for any damages to the buses or limo and its equipment, accidentally or otherwise. Violence will not be tolerated.

Client Contract Download

We only accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), with proper ID.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel booking 7 days prior to your event, you will be responsible for 50% of the rate if we are unable to re-book your date. If cancelled later than 7 days prior to your event you will be responsible for 100% of the rate charged if we are unable to re-book your date.

Payment of full lease is to be paid to the driver upon arrival unless full payment is paid in advance. A $40.00 fee will be charged for bad credit card processing. Starting and ending times must be enforced. (Subject to driver/bus availability).

There is NO SMOKING or Vaping allowed on the bus.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside of the bus during the trip.

“Bus 4 Parties, LLC” cannot, by law, supply alcohol to/for clients. Guests can bring their own alcohol, 21 and over. ID’s will be required and checked.

For any actions such as fighting, violence, damage to equipment and/or bus, harassment toward the driver, staff or anyone else in or around “Bus 4 Parties, , the driver reserves the right to terminate the trip and incur additional charges. The client will be responsible to find other transportation and forfeits full fare as a result.

Unless due to negligence of The Party Bus or its agents, by signing up for and participating in the ride, the individual agrees that “Bus 4 Parties, LLC” and its employees are not responsible for any claims for injuries, loss, damage, death, liability, criminal or civil litigation for the participating individual arising out of or relating to a ride. If a passenger should vomit jn or on the bus, there will be a charge of $150.00 payable to the driver or charged to the client’s credit card. The driver will pull over when safe to do so.

Bus 4 Parties” is not responsible for injuries or accidents in and around the bus. Alcohol impairs motor skills, balance and judgment. Clients are asked to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Move about at your own risk. Please use caution on steps.

“Bus 4 Parties, LLC” is NOT LIABLE in cases of unexpected vehicle breakdowns, accidents, severe weather or anything that may delay a timely arrival or cause cancellation of the trip. In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical problems, the trip may be rescheduled for another date. Client will be notified as soon aspossible to let them know of unexpected problems that may postpone trip times.

The “Bus 4 Parties, LLC” driver and/or employee reserves the right to eject any individual(s) whom they deem to be disruptive, intoxicated, or poses a safety threat to themselves or to others, or deemed to be using an illegal substance.

Bus 4 Parties, LLC” is not responsible for injuries or accidents in and around the bus. Alcohol impairs motor skills, balance and judgment. Clients are asked to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Move about at your own risk. Please use caution on steps.

Terms and Conditions

Summary Of Terms and Conditions

The client is responsible for all guests on board the bus and off. Our company is not liable for anything that people do or bring with them included but not limited to before being picked up, while riding our vehicles, or after being dropped off. The client is responsible for any and all damages to our vehicles caused by anyone during the reservation.

If you make a reservation for a specific date and time, we will turn down other customers and therefor expect you to commit to the reservation.


Immediately after a reservation is submitted online or verbally by phone, the reservation is deemed contractual. Customer who cancels their reservation prior to a 72-hour window leading up to their pick up will be charged 50% of the entire total rental. Customers who cancel their reservation within a 72-hour window leading up to the pickup time of their rental will be charged 100% of their total rental, including a 20% tip.

Charges and Fees

Rental fees are usually hourly and begin at first pick-up and end with last drop-off. If a client is late or keeps the vehicle beyond the arranged time, or pick up is outside the Las Vegas area, the client may incur extra charges. The credit card on file will only be charged if needed to complete full payment for the reservation or payment for repairing damages. Damage fees will include cost of item that needs to be replaced, delivery charges, and labor need to make the repairs.

Please use the bathroom. If bodily fluids are found through the bus, a minimum of a $100 clean-up fee will be charged. Garbage belongs in the trash. If excessive garbage is found throughout the bus, a minimum of a $100 clean-up fee will be charged.

Rates and Reservations

Our standard rates are posted on our Rates page but may change at any time. Please see the Rates page for more information.

*We charge a 6% fee for all credit card processing at the day of booking

*Rates may increase during popular holidays or fees may be charged for long trips

*Larger deposits may be required for certain reservations

Private Driveways & Routing Requests

Our company will not service private driveways, dead end roads, single lane roads, and dirt roads, due to safety concerns. Please avoid route requests which may take our large buses into small areas with little or no space to maneuver our buses and can cause unforeseen issues. Please understand that are taking full liability for any damages to our vehicle as well as other’s property, lost rental time, cancelled rental, etc., and any other unforeseen issues that may arise from your route requests.


Deposits are required to secure a reservation. They are non-refundable. If a reservation is cancelled by client’s request, the deposit is forfeited. Deposit amounts vary depending on special events, holiday, or longer trips. Please contact us for more details.

Updates to Our Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change and update our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.

Full Legal Information

Bus 4 Parties, LLC  is 100% legal. You pay for our service so you should expect the best and have no worries. We ensure that you will receive exceptional service with the correct licensing, permits, and experience drivers.

We carry insurance which is above and beyond the state minimum requirements

Our vehicles are licensed and all annual inspections are current. Our vehicles are inspected before each service to ensure safe and reliable transportation for every client.

Our Chauffeurs are professional and courteous. Our chauffeurs are put through a training program. Background checks are conducted by the State of Nevada and our insurance company. Our Chauffeurs undergo medical physicals every two years, observed by the Department of Transportation.

You should always make sure that a limousine or party bus company has the correct licensing, insurance, and permits.

Privacy Statement

Bus 4 Parties, LLC respects the privacy of every individual and understands that the privacy of the information provided to us is very important to you. We use the data gathered only to provide you with more information about our quality products and services. Any personal information will be treated in accordance with this Policy. Your information is obtained for our internal purposes only and will not be sold or shared with any unaffiliated third party other than as set forth in this Policy. We may use the information you provide to us to contact you in the future, either by phone, email, or mail, to inquire about your experience and share our current specials and promotions. By sharing your information with us, email, phone number, address, you agree that you are giving us consent to add you to our marketing and promotional campaigns, including but not limited to text message and email marketing. Message and data rates may apply.

Securing Your Information

Bus 4 Parties, LLC  will use reasonable precautions to keep the information disclosed to us secure and to disclose such information only to third parties we believe to be responsible. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any third parties that may receive the information. Access to your personal information is limited to people who need it to do their job.

Zero Tolerance Compliance Policy

Bus 4 Parties, LLC will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal (21) drinking age. All U.S. law enforcement agencies have absolute power to stop any motor vehicle for administrative searches. If contraband is aboard, even in negligible quantities without the chauffeurs’ knowledge, they can seize and forfeit this vehicle to a local government agency. All law enforcement agencies are aggressively enforcing this policy. Therefore, no person will bring contraband aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Bus 4 Parties, LLC. Person(s) under the age of 21 is/are prohibited from consuming any type of alcoholic beverages. The chauffeur has every right to search the bags you are bringing to the vehicle for illegal substances at any time. If the chauffeur finds any illegal substances, he has every right to terminate the contract at that moment and leave the customer right there and end the service at that moment without any Refunds. Client will still be responsible to pay the full amount expected from the contract. Bus 4 Parties will not be responsible for anyone’s actions on or off the bus or for injuries that may occur while the vehicle is in motion or at a standstill before during or after the reservation. Bus 4 Parties will not be responsible for any belongings lost or left while the client is in or out of the vehicle. Bus 4 Parties reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. The purchaser on this contract is responsible for his or her guests. Upon determination that any of the above policies were violated, Bus 4 Parties may terminate service to the client and shall be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations to the client under the agreement.

Rules and Regulations:

-Keep your body inside the vehicle

-Passengers must be seated while the vehicle is in motion

-No illegal substances of any kind

-No taunting other motorists

-Do not distract the Driver.

-No littering outside the vehicle

-No vandalism of the interior or exterior of the vehicle

-Treat the Driver with respect.

-No Children under 6 years of age or under 57 lbs. ( No Exceptions)

– No One under the age of 21 during prime time, Unless accompanied by parents and parents must accept full responsibility for their child.

Bus 4 Patties recommends that all and any personal valuables be removed from the vehicle when unattended. We will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged articles.

Termination of Service

Bus 4 Parties, LLC reserves the right to terminate this or any other contract for noncompliance of the above requests, especially if renters do not follow chauffeurs’ requests in order to obey the rules in this contract. The chauffeur has the right to search every bag/belonging for the illegal substances. The chauffeur has every right to terminate the contract if the rules are not being followed. If any cancellation occurs from renter’s side, any deposits (cash, checks or credit card authorization) will be non-refundable for any reason, and client is responsible for full payment. Deposits, if requested, and any unpaid balance may be charged on the credit card you provide with this contract. The open balance is due immediately at the beginning of the agreed job.

The renter authorizes the final payment, states that she/he is the authorized purchaser for this rental contract, is the authorized cardholder for the given credit card, is responsible and liable for payment of the total amount, per cash, credit card or money order.


Deposits are required to secure a reservation. If a reservation is cancelled by clients request, the deposit is forfeited.

Renters Contract Information:

The credit card holder gives Bus 4 Parties the authorization to use the credit card information to charge them for the deposit, payment for the rental, and for damages. It is agreed that it is not necessary to obtain a signed credit card slip, as the reservation is made over the phone or internet.

Last Minute Service Extension:

Bus 4 Parties, LLC cannot guarantee the availability of overtime. It is of particular importance that the purchaser makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed time schedule. In the event that the purchaser wants to change the time of the itinerary, they may do so, only if Bus 4 Parties, LLC can accommodate the request. The purchaser further agrees to pay additional charges incurred such as overtime, lost service or clients, tolls, parking etc. The purchaser authorizes Bus 4 Parties, LLC to charge any additional charges after they have rendered services to the purchaser’s credit card as supplemental charge. If cash payment is selected, the payment is due at the beginning of the rental time. If the client delays their rental causing the vehicle to be late to its next appointment, the client agrees to be held responsible for paying for the next appointment’s lost time and possible cancellation.

Service Contract and Service Satisfaction Issues

If Bus 4 Parties, LLC will be unpaid or not paid in full (3) three days after the due date, hereon Bus 4 Parties, LLC will have the right to add and collect late charges with interest. Ail such sums are due and owing with any other expenses, (extra employee costs, filing fees, court cost, and attorney fees, etc.). Necessarily injuries by reason of such nonpayments, I the credit card holder / purchaser agree to pay Bus 4 Parties, LLC signing/submitting of this contract. I am satisfied with the terms and conditions above and fully understand and agree. If, for any reasons, I am not fully satisfied with the services I receive, I have 24 hours after the completion of the job to file a complaint in writing. If Bus 4 Parties, LLC does not receive my written complaint jn the above stated time frame, I agree that there is no valid complaint, and I am fully satisfied with the services [ received and I will not file any complaint against Bus 4 Parties with any official bureaus or any organizations. Filing a written complaint insures both parties, that it is fully understood what the problem was. The purchaser will be contacted within a week of the complaint to settle the matter. I understand that this is a separate case from the main contract and therefore have no dispute in general against Bus 4 Parties, LLC and the payment I authorized.

Vehicle Related Issues:

Since Bus 4 Parties, LLC offers high-tech equipped vehicles, sometimes heat and excessive use of all power-operated equipment might be subject to temporary failure. This will of course not interfere with the safety of the vehicle itself and therefore will have no effect on continuing or paying of the contracted trip. Bus 4 Parties guarantees, that all our vehicles are constantly checked to keep the highest possible standards and eliminate such failures as much as possible. Bus 4 Parties, LLC agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. As stated, this will only happen in emergencies. No additional charges will occur on customer side if upgrade is made without customer request. If switching occurs in the same category, or upgrades are made, it will not affect the contract and / or payment of contract. Customer’s therefore accepts that replacement vehicles may be substituted if contracted vehicles becomes unavailable for any reason. If any of our above guarantees or contracted terms cannot be met due to conditions outside of our control, including weather, accidents, storms and any other acts of god, including, but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, weather delays, road closures etc., we will use our best efforts to notify the customer of these conditions and resulting delays or changes. Bus 4 Parties, LLC reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the operator or the Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and/or Part of the Renter is putting the operator or the mode of transportation or the Renter/and/or Party of the Renter in danger of injury. Or, if the Renter and/or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, this service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception. In case of non-payment or any disputes of charges resolved from things like damages or overtime, etc., I Agree and fully authorize the charges to be put on my credit card provided above. I understand these terms and conditions and fully agree to them by signing the contract.

Updates to Our Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to change and update our Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions